The Curious Case of the Changing YouTube Video…

I noticed something today while dealing with the supposed “copyright infringement” on YouTube that took down my video clips from two previous posts.  The two-hour “Daawah Workshop” video that I originally downloaded from YouTube that was uploaded by Imam Wassim Fayed has been replaced by a new version of the video.

Now it’s not been edited in the way that you might think, the new video he uploaded is one in which the “hit your wife” quote is still in the video.  What he did change is the view, now that’s a pretty strange thing to change, you’re probably saying to yourself, that’s what I thought too and the reason I noticed it.  Now let’s go to a couple of screen shots of the videos.

Here’s a screen-grab of the new version of the video currently on the Imam’s YouTube account.  At exactly 1:37:39

Screen-grab of Daawah Workshop video at 1:39:37

And here is a screen-grab I did of the original video I have downloaded onto my hard-drive. At exactly 1:37:39

Screen-grab of original video from Daawah Workshop at 1:37:39

Now this is very strange indeed, why would the Imam need to replace his original video with one that has a smaller more obstructed view?  I wonder if it has anything to do with the Sheikh who is sitting off to the side in the video, or the fact that at this exact moment in the video the Sheikh starts to speak in Arabic about “jihad”, since I don’t speak Arabic this and a few other words were the only ones I could recognize.

It’s really starting to seem like this Imam is trying to cover up something maybe to protect someone.  Well my interest is piqued!  I guess I have a new project to work on… Let’s see, how do you spell the Sheikh’s name again?



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