Not My Prophet is a blog dedicated to sharing accurate and fully referenced information about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad as well as current news, politics of the day and geopolitical movements in other countries.  This site is new and will ultimately evolve and change overtime.  Please feel free to leave any suggestions or questions in the comments section, thanks.


One response to “About

  • Wakefield Tolbert

    Good to find you.

    Hope to share in a number of ideas/notions/issues, particularly related to the Israeli-Arab conflict and those rather odd peaceful intonations from….the Prophet. I DO have a blog, but due to various circumstances on the home front, and the “outside world” getting rather hairy and all manner of crud happening fast-n’-furious these days (the Age of Obamination is rather interesting and trying of the soul, whatever else is the case, right?) I’ve had to lay low for a while and get back to other things. But I do keep up with the work of others when I can. So, I’ll peep in from time to time. Can be found on FB and Twitter (Wakepedia) as well.

    –Wakefield Tolbert

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