Islamic Charity of West London Indoctrinating Youth

While doing research I happened upon a blog from a Muslim charity that on its English language website states that one of their goals is to, “Inprove social participation and integration of ethnic communities.” (direct quote w/ spelling error)

This would seem to be in direct contradiction to a blog post about their “Youth Project 2010”.  The charity organized a group of teenage boys for a trip to Cordoba, Spain to visit the famous “Cordoba Mosque“, which was a mosque for three centuries until it was re-conquered in 1236 and is currently a Cathedral.  The blog posted pictures of the trip with some very questionable descriptive comments showing exactly what this “charity” is teaching the Muslim youth of London.  This is the blog linked on MCWG’s website:

The following are some direct quotes with screen-grabs:

“Feeling quite angry, knowing that we lost Spain, it was all once ours This Could Have Been my DRUMB MAN.”

“But up in Spain the Muslims were all clean and civilised;” … “and the best thing is, instead of Muslims immitating the Kuffar, the Kuffar were imittating the Muslims; Allahu Akbar!”

“The last of the Muslim fighters built a fort in high point in the mountain, and were able hold the enemy back for some time. As we know history repeats it, today the enemy is “beating” the Muslims with weapons such drones and air strikes. The drones of the past were the cannon and this was the only way that they beat the last of the Muslims.”

The only time a non-muslim was directly referred to in the post they were called “kuffar” which many consider a slur, or referred to as the “enemy”.  How exactly is this kind of language supposed to help the immigrant and ethnic youth of the UK integrate well into society as they claim?  There also seems to be quite a bit of revisionist history going on as well, though the extent of this is unclear.  I would urge you to visit both sites and see for yourself the kind of Islamic supremacist indoctrination being taught to disadvantaged young men they are supposedly trying to help.


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